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Sorry, but my list is going to be a bit short this week because it is getting late and I have a lot of homework left to do... but what is more important than homework? Being grateful for what I've got going on in my life so I felt like I really needed to bust out a TILT list this week because I've been feeling a little down in the dumps.

-Obama. I'm not a super political person and usually I keep that stuff to myself, but it is hard to avoid politics and what I feel is right. In this situation it was a real no brainer for me. No more McSame. And on that political note, while I'm on my tangent here I want to share this photo that I saw today that really cracked me up [check out the scarf if you didn't get where I was going with this]

photo from MediaBistro

-Climbing trees... It's highly likely that this will be on my list next week too as I plan on doing a lot of tree climbing over the next week. I got off the bus after work today and there was my old roommate outside of Rite Aid. I told him I had been sad and all I wanted to do that would make me feel better would be to climb a tree. So we found a tree and by god we climbed it and it was amazing. I professed my undying love for him accordingly.

-Field trips with my photography club. Last week we went to Cascades in Pembroke, VA. Sunday we are going to Pandapas Pond. I love being the president of something :) A couple pictures from the trip:





see more here

-Martha Stewart. I'm not sure why I always assumed that Martha was for old folks. I guess that's why they say assuming makes an ass out of you and me huh? Her Halloween crafts are to die for. Like I really want that stuff around my house 24/7.

-Feltidermy. I love Etsy and boy do I love feltidermy. You really have to check it out. I want a huge deer mounted on wood to put up on my wall because I've always wanted a deer head mounted, but I am positive that I would cry every time I saw it.

-Friends who will do laundry with you. I always have to do my laundry and my boyfriends laundry. This task frequently falls on Thursdays and leaves me without the opportunity to watch my favorite show, The Office. This week it happened to be worth it because my dear friend came out to the laundry mat with me to gossip and it was AMAZING. I will never look at laundry the same way again.

-The Internet. I have a million links to share, so I'm just going to save them till later on, but be prepared because on Monday, there will be a great list of amazing shops, blogs, crafts, and more.

-My mom. Not that she isn't always the most amazing person in my life, but today she created a Facebook account. My friends couldn't believe that I was excited about it because they would die if their parents had Facebook. Not I. My mom is my best friend. There are things that I don't tell her because I respect her and I don't want her to worry about me, but if it is something that I would post on the Internet, it isn't something that I would keep from her.

That's all for now folks ;)


Scream For Me;; said...

I cant wait until your monday post :)
& i must say, your photography is beautiful x

Anonymous said...

cool fish eye pictures!