this weeks loves

oct 16

I have been so sick lately. I almost even forgot that I should be doing Things I Love Thursday this week, but that is even more of a reason for me to do it... So without further ado, this weeks "TILT" list:

-My Friends. A lot of times I am really hard on myself for all kinds of little things. It's been a long time since I had friends that I truly love and to have them tell me that I'm not this horrible person that I feel like I am makes me feel so much better. To have them put up with me no matter how stupid I'm being or no matter how much they don't agree with some of the things that I do is amazing and I want them to be in my life forever.

-Getting complemented for my photography. I showed a coworker my photography blog earlier this week, she loved the photos and forwarded it on to even more people who also told me how much they loved the photos. Most of the complements were on this photograph:
IMG_3563 copy

-Forgetting Sarah Marshall - Who doesn't love an excessive amount of male, full frontal nudity? I loved it, really loved it. It's going on the wish list for sure.

-B'Sue Boutiques has these really amazing pendants that I've been pining over and finally ordered some. So not only was she super understanding when I had a freak out huge problem with my PayPal, she also threw in a bag of candy with my pendants. Such a sweetheart and they have a great selection if you are looking for a place to buy jewelry making supplies.

-fd's Flickr Toys. This site is where I put together the little mosaics of my favorite photos from Flickr. I love it because it allows me to share my favorite photos with everybody.

-Neopets. I know that I'm 23 years old and that Neopets is a children's game, but I don't care. I play the games, I even ate an excessive amount of kids meals to get Neopets toys. This is Sir Pants of Chalot:
galaxiebabie got their Neopet at http://www.neopets.com
-Meeting a new smurf friend while out at the bar with a couple of girlfriends. I was a bit tipsy so I'm not sure exactly what it was we were talking about, but apparently I made an impression because I had a friend request from my smurfy friend today.


Anonymous said...

Wow, B'Sue has some beautiful stuff, I'm bookmarking that for the next time I go on a jewellery supplies spending binge!

Your photo is fabulous by the way, I've added your photo blog to google reader :)

Anonymous said...

I love looking at the pictures in your photography blog! And B'Sue is such an awesome boutique! Thanks for sharing :)

simply.steph said...

! i love neopets! but since i closed my accounts i never had the time to make a new one. aww i miss it so..

michelle said...

I'm sick too :( Loving the photos! & I play neopets too!! xD Not so much recently because I've been busy...but I'm hkcupcake_ :D