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Okay, a few days ago I promised you great things in the form of links. I seemed to have so many in mind then and I should have wrote them down because it didn't end up looking like a very impressive list... But I did promise you folks a list and I'll share all the ones I can remember for today.

Been Booed rocks my world. You print out these pages and attach a sweet treat and give it to someone, but it's a secret who did it. They are supposed to turn around and do it to two more people and so on and so on. Great activity to bring you and your neighbors and friends closer together this Halloween.

Pinup Girl Clothing Blog has amazing pinup outfits and now that it's close to Halloween they have adorable costumes. Their photography is pretty good also.

Creature Comforts - "designs for all creatures great and small"

Design Freebies is a great blog that posts links to where you can download some pretty amazing graphic design stuff for free.

Debauchette... okay I really stole this one from Gala Darling, but it was so amazing I decided to mention it. Extremely poronographic so don't check it out when you are at work or school.

Girl Savage is the Etsy shop where you can buy the feltidermy that I mentioned on my last post.

Spratters and Jayne sells these really amazing "Chunky 'n' Cozy, Cowl/NeckWarmer/Scarflette/Scarf". I want one so bad, but I'd like to learn to make them myself. It's given me more motivation to craft.

And how could I ever fortget fd's Flickr Toys which is what I used to make the Flickr favorites mosaic at the beginning of this post.

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sparkleandglitter said...

Oooh Design Freebies looks like it might be very useful as I try to put together a design for my blog from scratch. Thanks!