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Gala Darling and her blog iCiNG is one of my favorite websites. I usually check it out once a day. So I'm adopting her Things I Love Thursday idea and using it for my first post here.

-Etsy... I have had an account on this site for at least a year now, but never really spent much time on it. A few days ago I was in search of some pendants and was completely blown away by the selection. I had no idea that there were so many talented, creative people out there. I can spend hours on there sometimes. One day maybe I will get my act together and sell some paintings or photography prints on there.

-Polyvore... This is another website I just found and totally love. I made this one because I have been noticing that my wardrobe consists mostly of black and white clothes and that there's really not anything wrong with that.

-Target... I can spend hours shopping in Target. One night even got locked in because I was in there so late. They just have the best clothes and right now I can't get over their Halloween products. I made a collage on Polyvore to express my love of Target as well.

-Photography... I know that mine needs a little bit of work, but taking photos is one of my absolute favorite activities right now. I started a photography club at my school and it is going amazing so far. We have a field trip planned for next weekend.

-Writing... I've been writting a lot of articles for AssociatedContent lately to try to make a little bit of extra money. I love being able to pick up actual assignments that I know they will end up paying me for. Some of my recent ones are
--Halloween Costumes: Executioner, Sexy Bunny, Lauren & Audrina of The Hills
--Top 10 Jewelry Designers
--Top 10 Wedding Photography Blogs

-Office Tailgate Parties... Last Friday was Virginia Tech's homecoming game so we had a tailgate party in my office. We had hotdogs so we decided to turn one of them into an octopus named PePe who we flushed down the toilet at the end of the day so he could return to his home in the ocean with his brother Pedro. Don't fret, I have a video of the flushing [please excuse the fact that it is turned the wrong way, I never claimed I was good with a VIDEO camera].

-School... This semester is my first semester at Virginia Tech and by far the best school experience I have ever had. I am feeling inspired to stop working full time so I can be a full time student for the first time since high school. I'm changing my major to art next fall also which will make school even more enjoyable for me!

That is all for now
<3 Holly Anne

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