95. Make a list of 100 things I love for future inspiration for art projects

  1. lightening
  2. astronauts/outer space
  3. plaid
  4. doilies
  5. vintage handkerchiefs
  6. birch, dogwood, Bradford pear, cherry trees
  7. teeth
  8. lace
  9. tutus/petticoats
  10. horse show ribbons
  11. vintage/romantic photography
  12. old maps
  13. dandelions
  14. peonies
  15. ranunculus
  16. unicorns
  17. woodland creatures
  18. dinosaurs
  19. corsets
  20. glitter/sparkles/sequins/shiny things
  21. typewriters
  22. engineer/graph paper
  23. stockings/long socks
  24. fur
  25. masks
  26. perfect fitting t-shirts
  27. satin shorts/slips
  28. abnormally large and gaudy jewelry
  29. teacups
  30. Ouija boards
  31. anatomy illustrations
  32. ribbon
  33. terrariums/bell jars
  34. feathers, especially ostrich feathers
  35. gnomes
  36. cocktail rings
  37. princess and the pea references
  38. alice in wonderland references
  39. eggs, but only the ones that are colored or speckled
  40. birdcages
  41. owls
  42. cupcakes
  43. tulle
  44. moss
  45. skeleton keys
  46. mushrooms
  47. beach cruisers
  48. palm trees
  49. pink/red eye makeup
  50. platinum blonde hair
  51. balloons
  52. vintage suitcases
  53. old picture frames or furniture that were painted white and now the paint is chipping away
  54. bats
  55. ridiculous raver outfits
  56. diptychs
  57. double exposures
  58. butterflies
  59. coral
  60. curls
  61. mason jars
  62. hydrangea
  63. wrought iron bed frames
  64. day beds
  65. floor cushions
  66. French doors
  67. apples
  68. peaches
  69. pears
  70. cowboy boots
  71. any light, flowy fabrics
  72. polaroids
  73. plastic/toy cameras
  74. sparklers
  75. hammocks/swings
  76. serving trays
  77. cute little tiny colorful birds
  78. dress forms
  79. mantels
  80. tin ceiling tiles
  81. ivy/vines
  82. quilts
  83. aprons
  84. white eyelet dresses
  85. globes
  86. grass
  87. clothes lines
  88. white picket fence
  89. fields of flowers
  90. silver
  91. pirates
  92. orcas/dolphins
  93. carousels
  94. hot chocolate
  95. stars
  96. skeleton keys
  97. hearts
  98. sheet music
  99. tattoos
  100. tears


Book Lust: Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

Honestly, the first I saw of this book was the beginning of chapter 1 [below] and I didn't believe it was a real book. I quickly went over to Amazon.com and did a little bit of a search and saw that in fact, this is a real book. Pride and Prejudice and Zombies: The Classic Regency Romance - Now with Ultraviolent Zombie Mayhem! I'm dying for this book now and I believe I will indulge and buy a copy. I've always wanted to check out some of Jane Austen's books and I think the best way to try to get myself interested is to go for a copy that has some zombie action in it also! Plus it's only a little over $7 which is about what I spent for lunch today so I can't justify NOT buying it.
Once I order it and get it in the mail and read it... I'll let you know what I think of this book.

Photographer Feature: Guy Aroch



[image via Cecy Young]
  • Housewarming registration... My Tumblr friends said they would actually buy me stuff if I registered somewhere for my housewarming so I started my list at Target.
  • Hot lunch dates... Yesterday an adorable graduate student took me out to lunch and it was pretty much the best date I've ever been on.
  • Garden... I thought I would have closed on my house by now and been able to transplant some of the seeds that I started, but so far no luck. My cucumbers and watermelons have gotten out of control and are taking over my apartment. I can't wait to eat something I grew myself.
  • Compost... My compost bin was set up yesterday at the house. It'll be a while before I can really use it I suppose, but it's still exciting.
  • Missed Connections on Craigslist

Sorry, that's all I got... Still being bitter about my closing date moving 5 times and having to pay utilities in my apartment and the house that I don't own and can't even go into.

Etsy Love: Sarah Seven

Sarahseven is based out of Portland, Oregon. Her dresses are feminine and romantic and made to your custom size. She even carries a beautiful wedding line [pictured below]. Did I mention the photography for her store is also amazing?

[images via sarahseven]


Spring Has Sprung

Last Sunday I started seeds to go into the garden of my new house. Now that it's been a week, all but the red peppers and Chinese lanterns have started to sprout. I planted watermelon, carrots [probably more for my bunny than for me], cucumbers, forget me nots, lettuce, Canterbury bells, Chinese lanterns, and red peppers. I went in search of ranunculus today with no success.

If you have any ranunculus or irish moss you would be willing to part with, please let me know!


A Much Needed TILT

[image via sophie*g]

I’ve been feeling so tragic this morning that I think that a Things I Love Thursday might be exactly what I need to brighten my day up a bit... My closing date got moved again and I just keep getting pushed closer to when my lease ends, I'm petrified of not having enough time to get everything done.

  • True Friends... I have so much love for my friends who can recognize when I have a big smile on face, but am screaming for help underneath. The accompaniment to the thrift store, chit chat, dancing, and amazing conversations keep me going and are greatly appreciated.
  • Comedy Night... Last night I went to my first comedy night and it was hilarious, much better than what I had expected. I just wish it were on a weekend so maybe I could have had a drink also! Wednesdays are not good party nights for an 8-5er.
  • DIY Projects... I keep seeing amazing DIY projects online that I'm dying to do and bookmarking them in hopes of accomplishing them when I get into my new house... Here are some of my favorites and links of the instructions so you can try them too:
  • Tumblr friend virtual hugs... A common practice for people on Tumblr is to stop following you if you have a bad day, just one post about having a bad day. Talk about fair weather friends, but every once in a while someone will reach out from the big scary world wide web and give you a nice virtual hug and that's so amazing... A stranger cares enough to let you know that it'll be ok and they've been through the same thing. Aww, feel the love :)
  • My Emo Playlist for today
  • Ranunculus... That's the flower at the top, I think they are so adorable, but never knew what they were called till yesterday! Now rest assured that my garden will be filled with them.