I love Tom Petty's music so much. I've been listening to it a lot lately. I really love the song Breakdown.

I also can't seem get enough of Polyvore, it's like shopping without spending anymore. I can't wait to use it for something other than just clothing, but today is not that day. I would love to own that outfit.

I also made this one last night:

in honor of my friend Katie. I have been trying to convince her to write me an emo poem about a lesbian lumberjack because she is taking an emo poetry class this semester. Seriously been begging her for almost a month now so if any of you would like to write me an emo poem about a lesbian lumberjack to go with this it would be greatly appreciated! :)

Then I thought about it some more after I created it for guilt trip purposes... this would be such a cute Halloween costume!


Kelly Kaoudis said...

Seems to me like you probably pull off bangs quite well. As long as you aren't one of those extremely Scandinavian people that look like they need to desperately be dipped, or tinted, or dyed, or something.

I was planning on doing a post on dark eye makeup anyway :)

wishwishwish said...

i love the red hat!