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I know that earning income from you blog can be a difficult task (at least it has been for me) so I want to share with you how I do try to turn a profit for the pieces that I wrote for my blog and sometimes even papers that I have written for my college classes. I have been a member of Associated Content since December of 2006. I have written everything from reviews on CDs and movies to publishing papers that I wrote for my college classes, from advice to Top 10 lists and made a pretty hefty chunk of change doing so.

I want to let you bloggers (and any other freelance writers) know about this program to help you earn more for articles that you have already written for your blogs. Keep in mind that you can write new content for their site; I love to do Calls for Content because they give me an idea of what to write and I know I will be making usually $4 for that piece. You should submit your article to Associated Content before you publish it on your blog so they do not find the content online and think that you are trying to steal it from someone else. Once your article has been published on their site, you will then be able to use that article for your blog… Here are is what the first submission page should look like (very important that you get this right to maximize your profit):

After about a week you will get a response back from them that will either offer money or ask that you publish it without an upfront payment. Publishing without payment could still end up being a profitable choice for you because there is a Performance Payment also where x amount of hits are supposed to equal out to $x (I have observed this amount to be 1 cent for every 5 or so views). Plus you can now use that content on your blog as well and it could help you get more recognition for you, your writing, and your blog.

I had been inactive on the site until about a month ago when I started to FINALLY have some down time from school. I have written 20 pieces in about a month. I was paid $59.14 total just for these pieces being published and some of them I did not receive payment for. My
Performance Payment for this month so far is $13.39. Even when I wasn't actively writing I would still get around $5 per month deposited into my PayPal account. I just wanted to throw this out there to other bloggers and freelance writers in general because you can really make a lot of extra money for not a lot of work. So if you do decide to join Associated Content, please let me know and I'll keep an eye on you. I'll read your articles and critique you if you would like.

Here are some of my recent articles and how much I earned for each (upfront, not including Performance Payment):

Fun Adult Halloween Party Ideas $2.00
Sexy Bunny Halloween Costume $3.00
How to Become Lauren or Audrina from The Hills for Halloween $4.00
Top 10 Wedding Photography Blogs $4.82
Where to Buy EcoFriendly Christmas Cards $2.50
Tips for Starting a Pregnancy Blog $1.00
Mr. Incredible Halloween Costume $3.50
Tips for Painting Your Own Christmas Cards $3.50
Tips for Creating Corporate Christmas Cards $3.00


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Ooh thank you for this! I've been looking for ways to make a little cash online, this could be ideal, since I love writing!

Fabulous post!

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Great resource!