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- People writing poems for me... I realized the other day that my MySpace blog had entries dating back to 2005 that were just too much information and stupid so I started doing some housekeeping. Down close to the very first entries, I found a post that I had made of a poem that my old roommate wrote about me:
ive made a dear friend
call her name of blue with red
thats enough of that sir
is what she wouldve said
dont be sad girl
heart of my heart
stand by me
and youll always be
...... trey ........

- Violent Femmes - "Blister in the Sun"... haven't heard this song in so long, but like magic, last.fm knew I needed to hear it. :) Amazing.

- Gala Darling's interview "I Want To Be... A Dominatrix!"

- As of tomorrow I am on Thanksgiving break from school... granted I will still be doing work, at least I have a week that I don't have to get up and come into work early to make up the time I miss for class.

- The possibility that my first semester at Virginia Tech might end up with a 4.0 GPA for the first time in my entire life... EVER. Now hopefully I didn't jinx it by saying that right there.

- House shopping... it's the most stressful thing in the universe of course, but I might be a freakin homeowner within the next year and I think that it will be amazing to have my own place with my own parking, be able to paint the walls red/orange/pink glitter wall/chartreuse, install a stripper pole, put in hardwood floors, and let my beautiful bunny roam around freely [assuming she stops pooping everywhere, stupid bunny pellets]. If you've bought your own house, please tell me all about it! Also share any decorating ideas you might have b/c I'm all about this stuff right now!

- American Dad!, Vol. 1, Requiem for a Dream, and Jarhead... I let one of my friends borrow these back in the Summer and finally last night he brought them back after 8 months instead of the 3 days that he said he was borrowing them for.

-Cheesy online quizzes:

Your result for The OkCupid Kissing Test...

The Vixen

You are 76% Passionate, 29% Romantic, and 80% Experienced!

You Naughty Thing!

Well, well, well, Ms. Vixen. You've got the highest Passion score among the female kissing types, and you seem to be rather experienced as well. Your scores in Romance aren't as high, which suggests that you're more interested in the erotic and physical aspects of kissing than the emotional ones. You revel in the different textures, tastes and techniques of whoever you happen to be kissing at the moment, and you're a fantastic kisser yourself. You're creative, and like to mix up the makeout with unexpected, flirty moves. You're definitely a committed, passionate kisser. You just might not feel as passionate post-kiss. It's not that you can't get attached... it's just not the FIRST thing you do. And you do that first thing extremely well. We say more power to you. And, um, what are you doing Friday night?

If you're looking for good-spirited makeout fun, we recommend your male counterpart, The Rogue. Good secondary smooch options include The Smooth Operator and The Flirt. Avoid The Traditionalist like the Plague. Trust us.

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sparkleandglitter said...

Oooh fingers crossed over the house shopping, hope everything goes brilliantly and congratulations on the grades!

My TiLT was here: http://sparkleandglitter.wordpress.com/2008/11/20/things-i-love-thursday-7/