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FFFFOUND!… I’m sure some of you have heard of this site before, but I can’t seem to get enough of it. I’m dying to join so if you have the ability to invite new members then *ooooohhh ooooh pick me, pick me!* Tons of photos added on there all the time that are just random and perfect.

Polaroid Project… Basically you can turn any photo into a Polaroid; it even distorts the colors of the photo. You have to be working with a Mac to use it though so I’m afraid I am out of luck, hopefully some of you will be able to use it. Check out this one my friend did of me:


Frozen Smiles… I would love to have these ice trays. Not that they hold very many of them at one time, but who wouldn’t love getting a drink that looks like it has dentures floating in it?

Small Business Planner is a site that I found when I was working on a project for my class about starting a business. I figure it should come in handy for me at a later time and maybe it can help give a little motivation to the other folks out there with hopes of being an entrepreneur.

Dust is this game (kind of) totally wonderful distraction site that was sent to me by one of my favorite people because I kept pestering him about how bored I am at work all day… My favorite items to use on there are nitro and magma, you can make some really trippy on there, but don’t just take my word for it.

Make Me Super will allow you to turn yourself or one of your friends into a super hero complete with a video and music… you choose the photo to be the face of the super hero.

Meebo… I work in an office and I can’t download any software. I think I would lose my mind if I couldn’t be on instant messenger and communicate with the outside world all day and Meebo allows you to sign on to various different types of instant messenger within one internet browser window keeping your social time a little more discreet.

if you know any good blogs or websites that i should check out please let me know... especially ones about buying your first home... my lease runs out at the end of january and i've convinced myself that i will be buying my first home|apartment|townhouse|whatever at that point.

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sparkleandglitter said...

Wow, that dust thing is seriously addictive!