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-OBAMA... I can't believe how many people are extremely upset about this in my area. When Bush won 4 years ago I was devastated, but I surely didn't attack people who were Bush supports because once the election is over, there's no need for debate. I'm very excited and optimistic to see where the next 4 years will lead us!

-Getting hit on by boys that are not only beautiful, but also creative and talented... Especially when they buy me beer and especially when you are in a bar full of half naked girls the day after Halloween when I am the only one not in costume.

-Having truly enlightening philosophical conversations with friends... So many of these in the past couple of days that my brain hurts today and I feel like I couldn't possibly think anymore.

-Conversations on instant messenger that last over an hour. Normally I am all about face to face talking time, but sometimes I think that I will put a little more out there if I don't have to look right in the eyes of the person I am talking to because I have less of a fear of judgment.

-Writing... but currently I have a little bit of writers block. Sometimes I don't think I even understand what I am writing and when I go back and read over a rant that I wrote it sounds eloquent and beautiful and it did make sense after all.

-The book Ishmael: An Adventure of the Mind and Spirit... I'm a little further behind than I should be, but it is an amazing book. It's just been a hectic week! It really makes you think about life and sustainability.

-Halloween in general... this Halloween weekend was the best weekend I can remember having in quite a long time, if not forever. Getting dressed up, hanging out with friends, amazing live music... Love <3 Also... Halloween is the time of year when they put out the clothes and home decor that I would use year round so go Halloween!

-Speaking of that live music from this weekend, I've got to mention Far-Less. Local band that I had never heard before, but they were amazing and already have a following on the internet already [who knew? not I!] Video:

And pictures from their part of the show:


I'm hoping to go see them on Tuesday if I can get myself on the list to get in fo' free.

-Getting random photography gigs from other random photography gigs... Yes I'm talking about the live music and if you want to see the pictures from that check out my photography blog

-Going out and knowing almost everyone at the bar... Made me feel like a rock star... There were so many people there and it was like I knew them all and hardly ever get to hang out with them.

-The way the light leaks into my cubicle in my office. I'm the only person who has a window by their desk on this side of the building... I think the blinds used to be closed because this is a new development, but it seems that at the perfect time in my work day when I feel as if I cannot function anymore, this light cracks in and lights up my life.

-Connect the dots game... If you don't know what I'm talking about, you can play it online here.

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sparkleandglitter said...

Writing is such a great thing, it always makes me feel happy too, hope you manage to get over your writers block and great photos!

My TiLT is here: http://sparkleandglitter.wordpress.com/2008/11/06/things-i-love-thursday-5/