[image via Cecy Young]
  • Housewarming registration... My Tumblr friends said they would actually buy me stuff if I registered somewhere for my housewarming so I started my list at Target.
  • Hot lunch dates... Yesterday an adorable graduate student took me out to lunch and it was pretty much the best date I've ever been on.
  • Garden... I thought I would have closed on my house by now and been able to transplant some of the seeds that I started, but so far no luck. My cucumbers and watermelons have gotten out of control and are taking over my apartment. I can't wait to eat something I grew myself.
  • Compost... My compost bin was set up yesterday at the house. It'll be a while before I can really use it I suppose, but it's still exciting.
  • Missed Connections on Craigslist

Sorry, that's all I got... Still being bitter about my closing date moving 5 times and having to pay utilities in my apartment and the house that I don't own and can't even go into.

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