A Much Needed TILT

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I’ve been feeling so tragic this morning that I think that a Things I Love Thursday might be exactly what I need to brighten my day up a bit... My closing date got moved again and I just keep getting pushed closer to when my lease ends, I'm petrified of not having enough time to get everything done.

  • True Friends... I have so much love for my friends who can recognize when I have a big smile on face, but am screaming for help underneath. The accompaniment to the thrift store, chit chat, dancing, and amazing conversations keep me going and are greatly appreciated.
  • Comedy Night... Last night I went to my first comedy night and it was hilarious, much better than what I had expected. I just wish it were on a weekend so maybe I could have had a drink also! Wednesdays are not good party nights for an 8-5er.
  • DIY Projects... I keep seeing amazing DIY projects online that I'm dying to do and bookmarking them in hopes of accomplishing them when I get into my new house... Here are some of my favorites and links of the instructions so you can try them too:
  • Tumblr friend virtual hugs... A common practice for people on Tumblr is to stop following you if you have a bad day, just one post about having a bad day. Talk about fair weather friends, but every once in a while someone will reach out from the big scary world wide web and give you a nice virtual hug and that's so amazing... A stranger cares enough to let you know that it'll be ok and they've been through the same thing. Aww, feel the love :)
  • My Emo Playlist for today
  • Ranunculus... That's the flower at the top, I think they are so adorable, but never knew what they were called till yesterday! Now rest assured that my garden will be filled with them.

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Vixel said...

Well, here's a virtual hug from me, sounds like you need it *hugs*

I hope you manage to find the time to get everything done, it sounds like a crazy time but I'm sure it'll all be so worth it in the end!

I'm going to have to give some of those DIY projects a go!

My TiLT is here: http://sparkleandglitter.co.uk/2009/04/things-i-love-thursday-24/