DIY Tea Cups Suggestions?

last night at the YMCA i found 3 white tea cups in one style and 5 in another so i bought all 8 of them up. i am going to do this project since i haven't been able to find tea cups that i like.

i need suggestions on what i should put on them and i'm praying my limited artistic abilities don't ruin it for me. so far some ideas that i like are:

  • dandelions
  • bunnies
  • mushrooms
  • owls
  • jellyfish/octopus [i wish i could just have hers to be honest with you]
  • eggs
  • plaid
  • silhouettes
  • post card
  • coral
  • dinosaurs

1 comment:

Annie said...

Omg wow those are amazing! I think dandelions or coral would be lovely. Post pics after you do it!