Shabby Chic... Still Amazing

A couple of weeks ago, Rachel Ashwell released on her Shabby Chic blog that the company would be declaring bankruptcy. Long before I even thought of owning my own home, I remember watching her show and dreaming of owning the beautiful, romantic items that she featured. I wanted to mention Shabby Chic here because I still think that it is fabulous and I hope that the company will be able to dig themselves out of this unfortunate problem and become successful and inspiring once again. I'm going to show some of my favorite Shabby Chic items that I have found available on Amazon.com for some pretty amazing prices that I want to use for my new home...
Simply Shabby Chic™ Metal Flower Chandelier
Shabby Chic Corner Cabinet
this one is my favorite and the one thing here that I know I will be buying because it is only $16.82!
Shabby Chic Tray Table

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Chic and Charming said...

It is very sad, I found out when I went into the store and saw that it was selling off everything.