My Interior Design Tumblr

I know I have mentioned here before that I went missing for a while due to school and real life catching up to me. I'm going to do better now, I promise you guys! :) I've been putting a lot of my time on the internet into Tumblr recently. I have posted a sample of the NeonSugar Tumblr before, but now I want to show you a sample of FirstHome.

I was e-mailed a flier back in November 2008 for an environmentally friendly house that is about 2 blocks from where I work/go to school and it was built specifically for people with low income. There was a lottery system to determine who would get the place and... I won! I found out yesterday that I was pre-approved for the loan. FirstHome is the Tumblr that I have built to post photographs that inspire me for the interior design aspect of my home. I will also be posting some of those ideas on this blog, but FirstHome will be a collection of photos with less writing to go along with it. Without further adieu:

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